Living Abroad

Living abroad is really cool, but sometimes I think that it seems effortless. Living abroad is the hardest, but best thing you’ll ever do. It starts off being super cool. There’s so many sights to see and everything is so new. But then you realize that you’re not in Kansas anymore. You end up getting on the wrong bus. Twice. You spend an hour and a half on said bus, too scared to get off in the middle of nowhere. You end up getting food poisoning and spending three days in bed with your roommate contemplating if you have a tumor, a tapeworm, or if you’re generally dying. You step into pot holes and almost break your ankle (so maybe that isn’t Costa Rica’s fault. Mom always said she should have named me Grace). You stay in a hostel that’s $11 a night at the beach and get eaten alive by mosquitos when the Zika virus is going around in Central America. You see your friends that are still in college living it up during the last semester of their senior year and the FOMO is SO BAD. It means choosing a 3 mile walk home to save on bus fare because you’ve blown your budget to pieces. Butttttt with all of the rough and difficult moments, there are beautiful moments. You wake up at the beach and see both sunrise and sunset that day. You make two amazing friends that will group-hug-it-out in the street with you because you need emotional support. You dance the night away with your friends. One day you realize that you finally understand what everyone is saying in Spanish. One day you embrace the change, soak in the sun, and experience the Pura Vida.

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