I planned three years of my life with a Google Search 

 “I don’t know. I like to travel. Can I make that my job?” I remember asking my advisor (The lovely Dr. Guynes) only three short months ago. I had been called in for the dreaded senior “What are you going to do post-grad” meeting. In that meeting life really smacked me in the face. Let me just tell you, the realization that you have to be a real adult in three months is NOT COOL. Student debt? Adult “career”? REAL PANTS EVERY DAY? Insert personal crisis
So after a glass of wine, a mild panic attack, and deep breathing, I was finally able to calm down enough to sit down and consult Google. I really wish that I could say I’ve always known what I wanted to do, but unfortunately my life was shotgun planned in one night with a Google search. That night I researched internships abroad and jobs abroad. I first landed on the Peace Corps. The light bulb went off. Yeah. Peace Corps. I can totally do this. The application for a June departure was due in a short two days. In true “Megan Planning” form, I spent the afternoon applying to the Peace Corps. So after the Peace Corps application was done, I thought to myself, “Okay now time to find an internship.” So once again I consulted the expertise of Google and found an organization called Maximo Nivel. They have medical internships in Costa Rica, as well as other Central American countries. So that day I made another snap life decision. 

So here I am, sitting at gate A20 waiting to board my flight in an hour or so. Tomorrow I begin my internship in San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m flying in blind but it should surely be in adventure. 

Here, I’ll post about my travels and general life. (I’ll do my absolute best) (Now that I some how have the next three years of my life planned out and what not.) Special shout out to my family and their abounding amounts of understanding, my best friends that have supported my decisions, Lynchburg College for my bomb education and support, and everyone else for their well wishes and prayers! I’ll be using the hashtag #FollowTheRedChair on social media so you can keep up with photos, posts, and life updates! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR MAKING TRAVELING MY JOB.