Unexpected Surprises

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If you’ve ever attempted to live abroad, you know that life will always throw you curve balls. In the life of Megan, my curveball for the week was the threat of deportation. Fun Fact of the day: You are only allowed to be in Costa Rica for 90 days before your tourism visa expires. With that being said, on day 88 I made my way to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Little did I know that my “visa run” would end up being a few of the coolest days I’ve ever had abroad. My lovely friend Sam (Chasinggold.org (Seriously, go check her out, she’s amazing) agreed to embark on this adventure with me. The day started in San Jose where we left the bus station in an air conditioned bus. Can you say high class living? Anyways, we make it to the border where a guy boards the bus with a large plastic bag and demands that every person on the bus drop their passport and $15 into the bag. I immediately felt like I would never see my passport again or that it may be the end in general. Well, we made it across the border, but not without more drama. We get into a “taxi” (if I can even say that much) that was a flying, screaming, death trap. I kid you not, at one point the car stopped running in the forward direction so we then turned the car around and proceeded to go the correct way down the road but in reverse. Sam screamed Oh my God more times than I could count and I was screaming for God to help. Our prayers were answered and we ended up in San Juan del Sur where we met our host from airbnb.com Luis. As it turns out, our Airbnb was actually a surf camp that was in the beginning stages of opening. Unknown to me, Sam and I ended up staying in a Surfers Din. While we joked that it would be fun to try surfing, we never thought that we’d end up staying with a group of German Brothers and Cousins that are running a surf camp. On the second day there we attempted to learn how to surf. Sam didn’t quite make it to the lesson because she burned (and I mean Burned) her feet on the sand on the walk down to the water. With Sam being down for the count, it left me with Alvaro and a private lesson. Somewhere around my third attempt to get up I ended up wiping out and taking the fin of the board to my thigh. I can proudly boast a softball size bruise on my thigh as a souvenir of the adventure. Did I also mention that the soon to be surf camp is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen? Seriously, if you’re considering taking a week off to go to a Surf camp and travel, this is the place to go. While Nicaragua is not up and functional (but it will be very soon) they also have other locations abroad in hot surf locations around the globe. You can research them at www.surfcamp.travel The guys are absolutely awesome and took the time to show Sam and I around. If you want to stay with them while they’re still an Airbnb, you can find their listing here. So to wrap things up, border control is scary, taxis are dangerous, surfing is cool, Nicaragua is beautiful, and I love this crazy life I get to live.




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